Living like Jesus and sharing him with others as we seek first the Kingdom of God.

This Sunday

  • 26th October @ 10:00 am

    Morning Communion Service - N. Durling

    Bessels's Values

    Bessels's Values
    Practise humility

  • 26th October @ 6:30 pm

    Evening Gathering: Matt Young

This Week

Upcoming Events

  • Sunday 26th October @ 12:00 pm

    Going Live Lunch

    Going Live Lunch happens once a month on the 4th Sunday in that month, as you can see we have loads of fun, games and pizza. We also have a chance to watch films, go on trips and go to other peoples houses for the afternoon. The lunch runs from 12 straight after church till about 2:30. Get in touch with Josh if you want to know more.

Latest News

Jonathan Brown

Bessels Green Art Studio

Art Groups for Children and Students, aged 5-18, contact Jonathan for more information (01732) 462862. read on

Messy Church

Question – Do you feel like life is passing you by and each year gets quicker, the weekends never seem long enough, the hours spent at work get longer and you just don’t have time to spend with your children who are growing up so quickly? read on

Minister's Blog

Cherryblossom (1)

The story of wabi-sabi.

According to Japanese legend, a young man named Sen no RikyD... read on

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