Living like Jesus and sharing him with others as we seek first the Kingdom of God.

This Sunday

1st February @ 10:00 am

Morning Communion Service - C Ingram

Lifein all its fullness

Life in all its fullness
2. Our testimony and John's
John 1:14-18

1st February @ 4:30 pm

Afternoon Service - C Ingram

Life in all its fullness
1. Our testimony and John's
John 1: 14-18

1st February @ 6:30 pm

Evening Gathering - M. Young

This Week

Seniors Lunch 12:30 pm
Baby Plus 9:30 am
Aerobics 8:00 pm
Art Club 9:30 am
Connect 7:30 pm
Aerobics 7:00 pm
Football 8:20 pm

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Film for thought square

Film for Thought

The sacred/secular divide! This myth that we have been conned into! God is present in everything and not one thing need be wasted. A film can be the filling of 2 empty hours or a holy moment when we are moved, challenged and/or encouraged. read on

Parent Talk

Parenting Under 12s – A survival guide! Care for the Family are bringing their Parent Talk tour to Tonbridge Baptist Church on the 10th of February. Tickets from £4 – more information can be found by clicking here. read on

Minister's Blog

Happy New Year

New beginnings or old endings?

“Happy New Year!” she says, champagne glass and smile both lopsided… read on

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