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We are delighted to tell you that the Fairtrade Foundation has declared that Bessels Green Baptist Church is now officially a FAIRTRADE CHURCH. Just before Christmas the leadership team decided that if we were serious about living out our church values we should commit to becoming a Fairtrade Church. Now that we are fully certified we will

  • Use Fairtrade tea and coffee after services and at other meetings for which the church has responsibility
  • Use Fairtrade sugar, biscuits and other products where possible
  • Promote Fairtrade during Fairtrade Fortnight and at other times during the year

We have produced a leaflet outlining in more detail what this means, you can download a copy here.

 FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT 25th February – 10th March.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all smallholder farmers in developing countries could grow more and provide more food for their families and communities to work their own way out of poverty? You can help make this happen on Sunday 3rd March.

  • Join us in the hall after the morning service for a free Treasure Hunt for all the family
  • Buy a Fairtrade cake to enjoy with your coffee
  • Check out the Traidcraft stall – order your Easter eggs now!
  • Make a donation to Traidcraft Exchange

All donations and proceeds will go to support the training of small-scale producers in methods of sharing skills and knowledge.


One thought on “BGBC – Fairtrade Church

  1. Fairtrade Fortnight – BGBC, March 3rd 2013

    I: So, I hear that Bessels Green Baptist Church has become a Fairtrade Church.
    A: That’s right! The certificate came through this week.
    I: What does that mean then?
    A: Well, it recognises that we’re already using Fairtrade tea and coffee after services and that we’re committed to support and promote Fairtrade in every way we can, like marking Fairtrade fortnight and having Fairbreak cookies with our tea and coffee.
    I: Oh, right. Is that going to put up church costs?
    A: Well, if you bought Maryland cookies or McVities digestives, the Sunday biscuit bill would be about £8.30. The same amount of Fairbreak biscuits cost £9, so it’s only an extra 70p per week.
    I: Well, that’s not bad is it? Why is the church bothering with this though?
    A: Well, as a church, we’re committed to certain values. Acting justly…
    I: Yeah, what exactly is UNFAIR that Fairtrade is fixing?
    A: Powerful companies buy goods for less than it costs to produce them in order to keep their own costs low and maximise profits. Whether they’re producers living in the developing world or UK dairy farmers, they need to make sales and have to settle for what’s offered.
    I: I see. So we’re acting justly by refusing to be part of an unethical system.
    A: Exactly. BGBC is also committed to loving generously, which means loving to the point that it costs us something, sacrificing our own quality of life a little in order to improve someone else’s. And including selflessly…
    I: You mean focussing on the good of everybody rather than looking after “number one”
    A: Yes, and in Fairtrade terms, this means asking ourselves not “how can I get the best deal?” but “how can I use my power as a consumer to get the best deal for everyone?”
    I: What can I personally do?
    A: Why not choose just one item you buy regularly, the sort of thing that’s part of your everyday shopping like coffee, toilet roll, jam or muesli, and commit to buying the Fairtrade version throughout 2013? Then maybe next year, you can add a second one!
    I: You know, I’m not sure I’m going to remember all this…
    A: Why don’t you take a leaflet away with you? It explains a bit about being a Fairtrade church and this section suggests some really easy ways to support Fairtrade – from buying products through the church stall to getting companies to donate to Traidcraft Exchange on your behalf when you’re shopping online. You can pin it up on your noticeboard to remind you of all the details.
    I: Thanks, I will!

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