Omar and Amie…

I read this story on the train and it brought a tear to my eye…

Omar Al Shaikh and Amie Cresswell, two 16-year-olds from England, tied the knot just days before Omar’s death, fulfilling a last wish.
The pair started dating eight months ago, shortly after Omar had been undergoing treatment for leukemia and was in remission.
The couple’s bond was strong—they talked about spending their lives together—but the decision to marry came sooner as Omar’s health took a turn for the worst.
He was diagnosed with cancer again in March and was given three months to find a stem cell donor. Amie stuck by him through chemotherapy treatments and visited as much as she could.
“I knew I wanted to stand by him through it all…he is such a lovely soul—I wanted to spend as much time as I had with him as possible,” Amie told the Daily Mail.
By the time June came around, Omar was told that his cancer had spread to his bone marrow and Omar’s days were numbered. To fulfill his dying wish, he proposed to his teenage love with a daisy-chain ring as he laid in his hospital bed. She said yes.
“Omar wanted to get married before he died and when he proposed I just jumped at the chance,” Amie said.
Two days later, the couple married. Amie wore a flower crown and a pink strapless dress and secured their vows with makeshift flower bands.
Three days after the wedding, Omar died.
“As he put the ring on my finger he said wish he had more time with me,” Amie said. “I really wish we had too, but I’m just so glad we had the chance to make this happy memory.”

What a poignant, beautiful, yet tragic ending.

My twelve years at Bessels have come to an end. It hasn’t been tragic, I’m not beautiful but the ending has been poignant for me. Thank you to everyone in the Bessels family who has loved me and my family; who has encouraged me along the way and who have let me move on to new pastures so graciously.

Yours because of Jesus – Neil.

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