This Autumn at BGBC we’re thinking about life; this precious gift of God, breath by breath, moment by moment, and how we can make the most of it.

If your life were a bucket, what fills it up? What brings you life? What gives you energy, be it physical, emotional or spiritual energy (they’re all connected, after all)?

What does it feel like to live with a full bucket, living from a place of energy and contentment, well rested and filled with the love of God and family? When I’m living from a place of rest, doing the right things and energized by life, I’m happier and generally nicer to live with.

Conversely, what is it like to live with an empty bucket? To live distant from God, depleted in a whole number of different ways? I know that when I’m depleted I’m easily irritated, I withdraw, I over-work and so the list goes on?

So the question becomes, whose responsibility is it to maintain a full bucket?

The more I explore the spiritual life, the more convinced I am that the solution does not lie in new ideas or possessions or programmes, but rather in stripping away the excess, simplifying life and learning to live in contentment, grateful for each and every breath.

Up until Christmas at BGBC we’re going to be thinking about this. How we can simplify various areas of our lives. How might our lives look if we follow the Maker’s instructions in relation to managing our time, finances and work. Thinking about forgiveness, friendship and fear. Plugging the holes that drain us and seeking ways to live a full and fulfilling life – the life in all its fullness Jesus spoke of.

Whose responsibility is it? Yours and mine – so why not join us as we explore together?

Sunday Mornings 10am, Bessels Green Baptist Church –

Grace and peace,



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