Sunday Sport

Froome won his fourth Tour de France; the British Lions have tied the series against the All Blacks; Murray and Konta out in the quarter finals; Vettel is fourteen points clear of Hamilton; and so I could go on.

Sport grabs our attention, inflames our passions, demands our loyalty and gives us plenty of drama to talk about down the pub.

But sport also appears on smaller fields and venues all over the world, often witnessed by parents and grandparents, in rain coats and folding chairs.

The drama of the unknown; the sense of community; the chance to compete safely against others, and often against ourselves. As a keen long-distance triathlete, you’ll often see me running the streets of Chipstead, swimming in the lake or cycling the local hills in search of a new ‘personal best’.

Sport is a wonderful way of exploring the fullness of life, whether participating or as a fan. We love to ‘play’ and sport is a great way to continue ‘playing’ long into adulthood.

I am also completely committed to living an integrated, holistic life. Body, Mind and Spirit are inseparable. Physical fitness has a direct impact on mental health as well as spiritual well-being. Perhaps it’s the hours spent out enjoying the beauty of creation or the rhythmic meditation of a long run, but sport helps me connect with God.

I don’t believe we should have to choose between Sport or Spirituality, my experience is that they can be brought together and can inform and nurture each other.

Yet numerous local sports clubs meet on a Sunday morning, forcing many of us into an uncomfortable dilemma – one made even harder as a parent: sport or worship on a Sunday morning? I’ve heard and understand all the arguments for and against, yet none of them make the decision any easier.

It was with this dilemma in mind that we decided to start its 4.30pm Afternoon Sports Service. Our afternoon service is a place for those who choose to participate in sport on a Sunday morning to come and meet, learn and worship God together. Designed for families, we aim to keep the service to one hour and the content accessible to all. Every week is followed by a ‘bring and share’ meal.

So, if you’re passionate about striving for your ‘personal best’ in all areas of life – physical, mental and spiritual – why not join us? You’d be made to feel very welcome. Services resume with the start of the rugby and football seasons on the 3rd of September, 4.30pm, Bessels Green Baptist Church. We’d love to see you there!

Grace and peace,
Charlie Ingram

Charlie is the minister at Bessels Green Baptist Church, services are at 10am and 4.30pm on Sundays. Please go to for more information about the church and all that goes on during the week.