Sevenoaks Family Games Day- Saturday 29th December

Whether you’d like to save the world, conquer the universe, solve a murder, build a city, or perhaps become a pirate, there are plenty of board games for you! There will be Lego as well for kids who’d like to play with that.

The whole day (10am-9pm) is open to all (for free), but from 2-6pm the focus will be on shorter, lighter games that people of all ages can get into and enjoy, so that would be a good time to come if bringing younger children. There’ll be lots of games available to try, so don’t worry if you don’t have many yourself.

Please bring your own lunch (if necessary) and we’ll organise a takeaway supper on the day (please bring some cash if you’ll want that)

This will be the 3rd games day hosted at BGBC, and they’ve all been really fun so far! It’d be great to have even more people joining in this time- please do invite your friends and family!