In Our Darkest Night

The Evangelism Team would like to challenge all the ladies to watch the virtual breakfast with Hettie Brittz (if you haven’t yet) and then do three things starting with the letter P:

– Pass the link on to a friend  –

– Pray for that friend

– Put the kettle on (which of course means – follow up with a conversation and a coffee, or even just a whatsapp)

Hettie Brittz’s testimony is chock-full of first hand experiences of the goodness of God. It continues to be a powerful reminder of Christ’s presence, even in our darkest moments and shows how His grace and forgiveness stretch so much further than we can ever imagine. I’ve found that sharing Hettie’s story with a friend can open the door to a deeper conversation in which questions about church and forgiveness flow naturally. It may even lead to an opportunity to share our own story with a friend.

Coretta shares: “I really believe God will be touching your heart through Hettie Brittz or her husband’s music. For me, it was just one word that sprang into my own personal story: Fingerprints….and gave me new hope. For me, it was not the miracle, it was just the simple fact that Jesus reminded me of him being with me in the darkest times of my life…and that he is still with me in the (very long) process of healing.

Watch it …and if you were touched, then don’t miss the opportunity to share it with someone you love.”

With warm wishes

Marilie and Coretta