Youth, Children’s and Students Newsletter November 2021

It’s been a while, actualy it’s been far too long
since I last wrote a Newsletter! I plan to do
these every term going forward to keep you
all updated on the work the Church does with
the young people in our community.

Youth groups
Since starting back in September both our youth groups (Flip Flop’s on Tuesday and Un Baja on Wednesday) have been a place of laughter, fun, learning and a sense of deepeining relationships amogst the young people who attend. Both groups are supported by fantastic leaders who give up their evening to come and be a blessing to our young people.

Over the summer with no festivals to go along to we held a youth group hunted event towards the end of the holidays, have you ever watched the channel 4 show Hunted? it’s like a massive wide game that we play across the whole of the Sevenoaks area. We had a great day and was a really nice way to end the holidays. For our younger group at Flip Flop’s we held a weekend at home at the end of July just before schools broke up. We had kids camping out in the Church and we headed out on day trips to Carroty Wood and Bexhill as well as a treasure hunt in town. Graham Marchant kindly let us use one his fields to hold a huge bonfire on our opening night, Graham came and shared his testimony and we had a fantastic time. It was all around a brilliant weekend that I hope will live long in the memory of our young people who could make it.

More recently we took our older group out for an end of term meal in town, we had loads of fun and good conversations. There really is something special that happens when you sit down for a meal with people.

Working with our young people across both these groups continues to be a real source of
joy for me, even if it means sleeping on a cold hard floor! They are kind, funny, thoughtfull,
self aware and quick to encourage and look after others. I’m looking forward to the festive period with our groups, we have a few trips planned and I hope to watch Elf with them at least 3 times!

It was lovely to head downstairs into the back hall and see Baby Plus back in the swing of things in mid-September. Sarah Potter and her team do a fantastic job of running the group which has been so successful for so many years now. Sarah also runs a number of groups for children with ASD, supporting both the children and the parents. Powerhouse started back again in September, it was amazing to see the children again, wow they have grown! We have an amazing team of dedicated leaders who run Powerhouse each week, without them we would not be able to offer anything like this, thank you. Powerhouse are currently learning about Joshua and will soon move onto learning about King David before the Christmas Nativity rehearsals begin!

I deeply missed schools work over the past year or so, myself Charlie and Andy made video assemblies for the schools during lockdowns but it’s not the same as having 300 children screaming at you at a face to face assembly! Myself and Charlie were able to take our first in person assembly at Amherst a few weeks ago and we have a few more coming up over the next term or so. I have been able to start the Girls football club again at Amherst, we have our first tournament next week! Back in March this year I had the privilege of becoming an Amherst school Governor, it has been a steep learning curve getting used to all the jargon. I’ve been asked to sit on the staff and pupil welfare committee and have taken on the role of Governor with responsibility for R.E within the life of the school.

We are blessed to have such a large and healthy student group at BGBC, just this year we had 8 young people heading of for their first year! We try to meet on Zoom once a term and have in person meetups when they are back for the holidays. A lot of the students who headed off this September were just starting in year 7 when I first started my role, makes me feel super old but a real privilege to have journeyed with them to this point.

Prayer points

  • Please pray for all of our students as
    they continue in their studies,
    especially that if they choose to they
    will find a Church to settle in while
    they’re away.
  • For our young people who have been
    and continue to have life disrupted
    due to necessary Covid isolation
    periods. Pray that in the confusion
    and disruption they will know the
    peace and comfort of God.
  • For our youth groups, that they will
    continue to be a place where our
    young people feel like they belong
    and are loved. For them to know
    God’s love for them in what can often
    be turbulent teenage years.

Please pray for our leaders across all
our youth and children’s work, we give thanks that we are so blessed to have so many amazing leaders who serve our young people. Please pray that they will know how much they’re often unseen work is valued.

Short thought
I was at the Valley at the weekend watching the mighty Charlton finally win a game! I was chatting to the bloke next to me, he said it was his first time back since the pandemic started, “I’ve missed it so much, it’s like coming home” You get a real sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself when you support a team. As a young person
myself I had the same feeling when I attended youth groups at BGBC, it’s so important growing up to feel like you are a part of something bigger than just yourself, it’s a huge part of how we form our identity and vital to our growth. It’s my hope and prayer that at BGBC our young people feel the same way I did when I was growing up here.

Josh Amott- Youth, Children’s and Student