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You are warmly invited to attend the Film Premiere of ‘Esta Vida – This Life’

on Tuesday 10th November

at 8pm

at Bessels Green Baptist Church

During his 8 years as a reporter for the Daily Mirror Matt Roper, a Christian journalist, travelled 1500 miles along the BR-116 highway in Brazil documenting the plight of young girls sold into prostitution. Every 10 miles or so he found a town where prostitution was an accepted way of life with families dependent on child sexual exploitation and those in authority turning a blind eye to the practice.

This horrific experience changed Matt’s life for ever and he set up the charity ‘Meninadanca’ (Girl Dance) with the aim of establishing a Pink House in each of these towns where girls could find safety and, through the medium of dance, discover hope and healing – a new life. In 2013 Meninadanca began this project in Medina and following its success is now in the process of setting up a Pink House in a second town.  For the latest Meninadanca newsletter please click here.

On November 10th 2015 Matt Roper is coming to Sevenoaks with Warlei, the Brazilian Director of Meninadanca, in order to show a documentary about the Pink House project. Entitled ‘The Life’ the film has won a London Film Academy award and also been short-listed for a One World Media Award. Eventually it is hoped it will reach the TV screens. If you don’t want to wait until then, you are invited to join us at Bessels Green Baptist Church TN13 2PS – on Tuesday November 10th at 8pm.

‘Esta Vida (This Life)’

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Joana was just eight when her mother died of Aids – and the little girl’s world fell apart.  Without anyone to love or protect her, she was easy prey to those who thought they had the right to abuse and exploit her, and before long she was immersed in the dark world of child sexual exploitation along the BR-116.

Meninadanca, a not-for-profit organization in Brazil, works with at-risk girls like Joana, to bring hope and help change lives through the power of dance.  In Medina, the organization has set up The Pink House – a safe house for around 60 girls aged 10-17.  Using dance, and other girl-specific therapies, the girls are encouraged to lower their defences, discover their inner beauty and potential, and face the future with confidence and without fear.

Joana is one of a number of girls from Medina, who have bravely allowed film director Lyttanya Shannon to follow them and tell their story in the new documentary ‘Esta Vida (This Life)’.

To view a trailer for the film, please click here.

Lyttanya’s heartbreaking film about The Pink House has already impressed the movie world, being nominated for a prestigious One World Media award and a Sheffield/Doc Fest award.  The film will not be released or aired on TV or the internet until at least next year – but Meninadanca has invited its supporters to host a special private showing of the film during November 2015.

This incredible event is free for all to attend, but to help us with organisation, please book your seat using the form below.

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