We are back from a fantastic time away at By The Beach, check out the highlight video to see what we got up to.

Some comments from previous weekends…

What is By The Beach?

“A fun and inspirational weekend trip to the beach with lots of kids our age, learning about Jesus and doing lots together.”

“A trip for us children to have lots of fun activities, movies and hearing from the Bible.”

What did you enjoy most about By The Beach?

“The Nightline – being blindfolded on the beach, going through obstacles with a team.”

“Staying up for the night and talking to each other.”

What was the most memorable moment of By The Beach?

While we were praying I thought about how much God loves me and how much he does for me.”

“Going round town collecting bits and pieces starting with a certain letter e.g. P.”

Why should you come to By The Beach?

“You will have the time of your life.”

“You are more than guaranteed to enjoy it – people are friendly and you feel at home.”