Since January 2011 BGBC have agreed to “do church differently”.

People are encouraged to join a POD, which will meet sometime during weeks 2 and 4 of each month. They will not be expected to attend Sunday worship those weeks (but Services will continue for those not involved in PODs).

What are PODs?

PODs are groups of people who have prayed and asked Jesus how they can best reach out to others, share Jesus with them, and see “Kingdom” change. A POD will have a missional focus which is wider than evangelism. The aim of a POD is to try to reach people who otherwise wouldn’t come into contact with the church. Each POD will have:

  • Two leaders:
    Leaders are encouraged to consider a missional vision, about which they are passionate, and enthusiastic.
    A POD will not usually be led by one of the ministers.
  • A mission statement:
    This gives a POD focus. There is so much they could do, but what do they believe Jesus has actually called them to do?
  • A name:
    This gives a POD identity and moves the focus from the leader to the mission.
  • Between 2 and 50 committed adults:
    There is no minimum number required to get a POD started. A POD may start with a small number of adults and grow from there.
    Why a maximum of fifty? Studies, and the experience of other churches, show that community begins to waver and the missional focus becomes fuzzy when a group exceeds this number.

You can download this information here.

Get Involved

If you would like to start a POD, or get involved in one that is already up and running, please chat to Charlie Ingram on 01732 454921 alternatively you can email Charlie using the button below:
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