Over a decade and a half ago BGBC commissioned a small team of people work in Dunton Green.

Their aim was to be a blessing to that community and ‘Faithworks’ was born.

During that time Fathworks has had a number of different homes and the team has changed several times, but it has faithfully served and blessed Dunton Green.

From fun days, to informal gatherings in Bojanges. Detached youthwork to card making. Schools work and Sunday gatherings.

Not only has Faithworks changed, but the village of Dunton Green has changed.

Ryewood and the new pavilion have been built, new community workers have been appointed. Dunton Green is a different place to a decade ago and Faithworks has been an integral part of this change.

We would like to thank everyone who has served as a part of Faithworks over the years – sincerely – thank you! You have been a blessing to many.

Especially we’d like to thank Judy Collins who has been an integral part of Faithworks from the start and has led the team for the last few years. In July, Judy felt it was the right time for her to step down from leading Faithworks, so we would like to acknowledge you Judy and thank you – you and your whole team have given so much.

However, not only Judy, but also John, Tim and Falcon, supported by Ted and Sue, by David, Oliver and Daphne, and by Sally, Gemma and your families – and so many others, all of you thank you. We appreciate each one of you.

For the last year the Faithworks team and Charlie have been praying and trying to discern the next steps. And in discussion with the church leadership, the Elders and Deaconate, we have decided that now is the right time to celebrate all that God has done to bless and transform Dunton Green through Faithworks and bring the project to a close.

We want this to be a good ending with a strong feeling that Faithworks has served its purpose and now is the right time to wrap it up.

Sadly, lockdown and social distancing have prevented us from doing this is in the way we would have liked. Ideally, we would have thrown one last fun-day, a summer celebration, and a chance to invite all those who have been a part of the journey to celebrate with us.

This has not been possible.

Instead last week Faithworks held their last Sunday gathering socially distanced on the recreation ground. Another set of plans disrupted by this pandemic.

Many of those who have attended Faithworks now attend our Wednesday lunch club.

If you’re a part of Faithworks you are especially welcome. We want you to know that you are not forgotten. We’d love to continue to connect with you and welcome you to journey with the larger Bessels Green Baptist Church family. Be that through the lunch club, Sunday worship or our Kid’s work.

Faithworks is ending but our commitment to Dunton Green is not.

Working with St Mary’s we intend to continue to hold services in Hamlyn Court as soon as we are allowed. The Education in Full trust set up by Faithworks and BGBC, with help from the school PTA and St Mary’s, to support Dunton Green school is continuing.

Also, John, Falcon and Tim continue to meet on a Saturday morning to pray for Dunton Green.

Faithworks, Judy and Team – thank you from all of us.

And thank you God for all that has been achieved over the last decade through Faithworks.

Now is the right time to wrap up and celebrate Faithworks, but each of us, wherever we are, are blessed to be a blessing to the community around us.

Let’s each of us, continue to look for opportunities to do this.