At Bessels Green Baptist Church, Sevenoaks, we believe we owe a duty of care to all those who engage in our activities and use our premises.  We are also bound to meet a number of legal requirements with regards to the activities we undertake.

To this end, we have created a number of Policy Documents to ensure a clear framework within which we shall operate.

Should you wish to read any of these Policy Documents, please click on the links below.

BGBC Privacy Notice

Data Protection Policy 2018

BGBC Health and Safety Policy with Allergen Guidance

BGBC Photography and Videography Policy

BGBC Safeguarding Policy Statement (April 2023)

BUGB Model Safeguarding Policy Procedures

We also operate in accordance with the Bessels Green Baptist Church Constitution.  Should you wish to view a copy of our Constitution, please request this using the blue button below: