Feeling caught between Sunday Morning Sports and Sunday Morning Worship?

We have the solution – 5:00pm at BGBC

The BGBC Afternoon Service is an informal church service for anyone; but was born out of a
desire to keep in contact with those who has chosen to participate in sport on Sunday morning.

Week 1, Sung Worship in the chapel:
A chance for lively sung worship, with prayer and a short talk. Children aged 11 and over are
encouraged to stay in the service to worship and learn with their families, and activities are
provided in the youth room for those who are younger.

Weeks 2-4, Café Church in the hall:
(informal communion, week 3)
The service is a relaxed, interactive hour; a chance to do church differently around tables with
tea/coffee and conversation. Children aged 11 and over are encouraged to stay in the service,
whilst younger kids leave part-way through for activities in the youth room. The afternoon is
varied with interviews, prayer and activities, and also a short talk, followed by discussion and an
opportunity for questions.
The service is followed by a ‘bring and share’ tea.