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BGBC this Sunday

  • Sunday, 29th May 2022 @ 10:00am

    Morning Service

    Morning Service

    All - age 
    The Revolution is Here
    2. Non-Dom - Acts 1:6-26
    Charlie Ingram preaching, Josh Amott leading

  • Sunday, 29th May 2022 @ 5:00pm

    Afternoon Service

    Afternoon Service

    1 Verse Vs
    Josh Amott speaking, Charlie Ingram leading

This Week


Documents for Ukrainian Refugees and Hosts

Please find our library of documents and resources for Ukrainian refugees and hosts below. We hope these resources will be useful. For more information please contact: Coretta Vogelberg at read on

Mental Health First Aider

At BGBC we are considering establishing Mental Health First Aider roles within our Church Community. West Kent Mind can provide the two-day training for this Nationally recognised course. If you are interested in taking on such a role or would like to attend the course for your own personal and professional development, please contact Angela read on

Minister's Blog


It’s easy to sit on the side-lines and criticise, but it takes courage to get in the ring, risk a few knocks, and have a go. Life is full of uncertainty and risk... read on

Christian Mindfulness

The present moment is all we have. The past is gone, and unless someone invents a time machine, it is gone forever. The future is yet to be. So this present moment is really all we have. Practising the presence of God is all about this. read on