As members of Bessels Green Baptist Church, Sevenoaks, we have a vision:

To live like Jesus and share him with others, as we seek first the kingdom of God.

To hear more about our ‘Visions and Values’ and our church community, please watch the video above and read the notes below.  If you would like further information about who we are and how you can join us, please contact us using the blue button below:


A vision is “an unreachable dream”. We aren’t arrogantly saying our vision is what we are, rather, we are saying that this vision inspires us. It can be divided into three thoughts as follows…

Read more about the Kingdom of God here.

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Living like Jesus means

  • Knowing God loves us is the foundation of our relationship with him.
  • We rely on the Holy Spirit who empowers us (Luke 4:1-14).
  • We are prompted in various ways by the Holy Spirit in how we live.

Sharing him with others

  • We do this in word and deed.
  • Our primary desire is to introduce people to Jesus and help them find their place in our varied church family.

As we seek first the kingdom of God

  • The kingdom of God is our focus.
  • The church is a resource centre for advancing the kingdom of God and not an end in itself.
  • We will teach the kingdom values of love, justice, forgiveness, inclusion and humility.


Our values

By the grace of God and relying on the Holy Spirit we will…

Values are core beliefs that characterise the attitude with which we will implement our mission statement.

  • The kingdom of God can be summarised in Scripture under the following values: Justice, forgiveness, inclusion, love and humility.
  • When somebody meets a person from BGBC we’d love them to experience these values.
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