Gathered and Scattered

Theology at Bessels Green Baptist ChurchAt Bessels Green Baptist Church we believe that our worship should encompass the whole of life not only our activities on a Sunday. Certainly singing songs of praise to God and our corporate worship on Sundays form an important part of our lives of worship but it doesn’t end there. Sharing a cup of water with someone in need, giving time to someone who is lonely or running a fun day for the benefit of the local community can all become acts of worship when offered to God.

For this reason we have adopted a pattern of gathered and scattered worship.

On weeks one and three of the month we gather together at the church for a time of celebration, to hear from God and worship together.

On weeks two and four of the month, as well as holding a smaller service at the church, many of our members are out in PODs (Pockets of Disciples) expressing their worship by serving others.

When there is a fifth week in the month we hold an all age service at the church where the whole church, from the youngest to the oldest, can be together.