We asked some of our church folk to tell us what Bessels means to them. Here’s what they told us!

EllieMason“Bessels Green Baptist Church for me is not merely a building to which I go to most Sundays in a year. It is a family of Christians who uphold and support me, not only through my Christian challenges, but also the challenges of life which many people face evey day. It is also an opportunity for me to help encourage others, to welcome them into the family of God, and to offer them the same love and understanding which I am given. I have the chance to write to persecuted Christians, to give aid to those in need, and to pray for those who are suffering. For me, Bessels Green is the embodiment of what Paul wrote that a church should be: the children of God who care for each other on this earth. And the delicious chocolate biscuits after the service are a great incentive to drag yourself out of bed on a Sunday morning and come along to praise and come closer to God, even when your bed is really warm and it is really cold outside!” – Ellie

SallyAnn“Bessels Green Baptist Church has helped me come to terms with all that’s happened in my life.  It has given me a hope for the future and a faith in Jesus as, when I first came, I felt Jesus with me.  I went home feeling like I was lit up with his love.  I really would love everybody to feel this love.  If everyone had this we could really move mountains.  Every time I come I am filled again with his peace, love and faith.  I love Jesus and will forever and always.” – Sally-Anne