New beginnings or old endings?

“Happy New Year!” she says,
Champagne glass and smile both lopsided…

“Have a good one!” he slurs,
The unseen pressure of work throbs in his mind…

We stand in crowds, or sit with friends,
Some stay on their own to make amends.
The clock strikes twelve
And it starts again.

Happy New Year!

What does this phrase try and capture,
In its bucket filled with liquid letters?
Should it finish with an exclamation mark!
A question mark? Or full STOP.

And is it happy?
For some to be sure! They can’t wait for 2015.
They have weddings to plan, baby rooms to paint,
New jobs to begin, adventures to embrace.

But for others…
The thought lingers…
Will it be like last year?
Will it be like most of them?

It’s all Greek to me!
We live in the “chronos” of time where everything is sequential.
Groceries are bought,
And vests are washed.

And God?
Maybe God is more interested in the “kairos” moments.
“Kairos” moments…
The right instance, the opportune second, the supreme occasion.

God walks with us every step of “chronos” time,
Whether bright or dark.
And God pauses and watches us in those “kairos” breaths.
Whether they are on 1st January or 5th June.

Happy New Year?
If you like…
Happy “chronos” with soapy hands.
And happy “kairos” occasions that stay in the memory.

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