Dunton Green Faithworks is changing!

How is Faithworks changing? We have a new logo and we have been changing how we see ourselves over the last few months.

Since 2005 Faithworks has become a part of the village community and during that time we have been involved in many ways including running a youth club and coffee shop, organising community Fun Days, helping in the School and other village activities. As I wrote in the last edition of this magazine, life in the village has changed a lot since 2005 and there are now more facilities and organisations for residents to enjoy.

What has disappeared in the last 13 years are the churches in the village with both the Free Church in Station Road and Bethel Chapel congregations gone and their sites either being developed or plans to do so. Faithworks started with a group of people from Bessels Green Baptist who decided not to establish another church but rather become part of the community and meet what needs they could. We have done this and continue to do so. Faithworks is now full of village people.

So, what is Faithworks now? Well we think we are the Christian church in the village but we are not a traditional church with formal services in a church building. We are still very much part of the community. We are the community church – people not a place!

Faithworks meets regularly at the pavilion on Sunday mornings with a Café and Family Fun where we enjoy each other’s company and chat informally about the Christian faith. We are often in Bojangles and continue to help wherever we can in the village – regularly in the School, at Hamlyn Court sheltered housing and with Parish Council events. If people want to talk in more depth about the Christian faith we meet twice a month on Wednesday evenings.

We are still part of Bessels Green Baptist Church who support us and meet with us a few times a year.

The key message is that we are YOUR church in Dunton Green. Watch out for a leaflet through your door with more information, or:

contact: faithworks@bgbc.co.uk

visit our Facebook page: fb.me/dgfaithworks

or see our website: www.dgmessage.com