Church in the community

Marking the change to your community church

In the last edition of this magazine we explained that, after 14 years of being involved in village activities, at Dunton Green Faithworks we now see ourselves as the Christian community church in the village. 

To demonstrate this when we meet, we decided to have a banner and this has been made by a small group of local ladies over the last 6 months.

The banner was designed after talking to local people about how they see and understand Faithworks – ‘welcoming, family, community, fun, sharing, food, everyone’ were some of the words we were given. These were incorporated in the design and set in the context of Dunton Green as a place – its countryside, roads and railway.

From 12th May 2019 the banner will be up in the pavilion whenever Faithworks meets on Sunday mornings – at Family Fun on the 2nd and 4th Sundays, and at our Café for discussion on the first Sunday, all from 10am.

We hope you will be encouraged to come and join us, to share the welcome we offer and to enjoy a relaxed time with members of the community.


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