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I vividly remember the first time I came to BGBC – I must have been 7 or 8. We walked in the door, all 6 of us (I’m the eldest of 4) and were instantly welcomed into what was going on, I was sat down by two mums who I won’t embarrass, and the rest is history.

Growing up at Bessels was great, there were so many amazing people to look up to and learn from. I couldn’t tell you exactly when I became a Christian but I do remember a summer camp when I was 16, being a turning point for me. As you know being a teenager can be pretty confusing but I found people at Bessels to be loving, supportive, challenging and genuine.

When I left school I started working at Sainsbury’s (I remember spending my first pay check on a leather jacket, yes it was as bad as it sounds!) and got involved in various ministries at Bessels. During this time a couple called Mark and Jay Buscombe arrived at the church as the youth workers. They had a big influence on me and taught me so much about how to live everyday for Jesus. I changed jobs to working with adults with learning disabilities where I spent 4 years.

Anyway, in September 2014 I started working at Bessels as the youth and children’s worker. I believe God’s unconditional love is for all of us and he longs for us to join in with being a positive influence in the world around us. Church is an amazing place to grow, learn, inspire, challenge and worship together, and I believe the Church should not just be a place where Christians gather together but a way of serving the community around us. One thing I love about the Kingdom of God is that all these things are not restricted to happening in the Church. I believe that they can happen in our everyday situations, whether that’s in Tesco’s, on the train at 7am or in the playground at school.

I love working with young people of all ages, they often have such an amazing outlook on life, and I find myself learning from them every week. At Bessels we want to provide a space where our Youth and Children can discover Jesus and the joy that brings to life.

I am unashamedly a huge Man Utd fan and can often be found thinking and day dreaming about football, I also love photography and love nothing more than sitting in a beautiful location with my camera and enjoying Gods amazing creation.

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